Cody Whitehair 98 C Player Spotlight
James White 97 HB Player Spotlight
Corey Coleman 96 WR Player Spotlight
Cameron Brate 96 TE Player Spotlight
Tajae Sharpe 95 WR Player Spotlight
Cody Whitehair 84 C Player Spotlight
Jared Goff 84 QB Player Spotlight
Corey Coleman 84 WR Player Spotlight
James White 84 HB Player Spotlight
Tajae Sharpe 84 WR Player Spotlight

MUT Player Rankings

Want to know who the best Mobile QBs in Madden Ultimate Team 16? Or how about who are the best 3-4 defensive ends? Our position rankings will steer you in the right direction. If you know exactly what stats are important you, go and create your own rankings!

Create Your Own Power Rankings

Don't agree with our rankings above? Create your own custom rankings to match your play style by choosing which player attributes are important to you.


To find the best blocking wide receivers in the game you might just order all players by run block. But what about impact blocking and strength? What about the best blockers who are also great receivers?

Instead of just looking at single attributes, we could find the best blockers by considering all the relevant blocking attributes. To give our rankings more depth, we could also use the main catching attributes as a tie breaker. This would give us something like:

Run Block2.0
Impact Block2.0
Catching in Traffic1.0

Unfortunately this is just going to end up with a bunch of offensive linemen who aren't elligible receivers, or FBs who would take a rumored out of position hit to their awareness. So we can combine our search with position filters to give us the following power rankings:

What combination of attributes you need depends on your scheme and play style. So try it out for yourself and see if you can find the perfect players for your scheme!

Try it Out