MUT 17: Chemistry

Welcome back to the latest installment of Madden 17 news. The anticipation leading up to Madden 17 has been phenomenal, new content, new game play, and new features.

The most appealing feature thus far has been the revamped Chemistry system, ~~styles~~ have gone out the window. The visibility EA has given us moving forward has been great.

You can view what stats are upgraded through the new chemistry feature, and you can choose to mix & match the boosts you receive for your team.

The blue bars for Man and Zone coverage indicate that these ratings are being affected by a Chemistry

The greatest feature for the revamped chemistry system is if the boost from the Chemistry is enough to increment that player’s OVR rating, that will update as well.

The blue-colored OVR rating indicates that the Chemistry boosts were powerful enough to increase their OVR

The new Chemistry system allows for more flexibility in terms of what attributes you can upgrade. Not only are we able to specify what ratings we want to affect but we can now define who receives the boosts. Starters are the only players who will receive a chemistry boost. Players who are playing out of position will not count towards your Chemistry.

Take a look at the video below for a breakdown on the new Chemistry Feature!

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