ProblemWright breaks Down MUT 17 H2H Seasons

If you've been watching ProblemWright on Twitch play MUT17 on EA Access, you might have already seen him blow through his first H2H season by going 10-0. But if you missed it, Problem just posted the offensive and defensive highlights of that run up on his YouTube channel.

But what is more interesting is his take on changes EA have made to the H2H seasons mode this year, in particular the lack of any coin rewards. One of the biggest changes they've made to MUT H2H this year is that there are no more contracts for online games. This takes away one of the most annoying (and expensive) taxes in the game, where rage quits could mean playing a season and not winning the Superbowl ended up as a net loss.

But Problem is a guy who is going to be collecting the top prize 99% of the time, so it's interesting to hear that'd he like the community to push EA to tweak things a little. Where do you stand? Let us know on Twitter.

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